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      Finding a home has never been easier

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      For Sellers

      Selling Property

      The most basic responsibility of a real estate firm is presenting property for sale in the real estate market. This is known as listing the property. When you list your property with HKS you can be sure that we are dedicated to providing you with our collective wisdom, confidentiality and professionalism. HKS understands that your home is probably the largest investment you will ever make, and we will guide you through the transaction with special attention to your pride of ownership, priorities and financial intricacies. We are committed to developing a relationship with you based upon trust; we will learn your real estate needs and respond to them with personalized attention. Our reputation for honesty, integrity and fairness has served as the gold standard of southern NH. Since 1963 years we have enjoyed our family owned community business that has the ability to focus on personalized customer satisfaction. We are unencumbered by national or regional franchise standards, and we have been full service experts in the southern NH real estate market by choice.

      Through specialized training, up to date marketing techniques and commitment our agents are able to represent sellers as a full service broker. Think of the team of HKS agents as a Marketing Manager for your sale. We will manage every phase of the real estate transaction serving as professionals who will serve as:

      • Property Specialists
      • Community Consultants
      • Research Specialists
      • Transaction Coordinators
      • Lending and Closing Liaisons
      • Trusted Confidants


      HKS Associates will assist you in every concern you may have about the selling process. But it is important for the seller to know what each step in the process entails. Knowledgeable sellers can best understand the value of a Realtor’s services. To this end, HKS will work with you so that you will benefit from their expertise as well as understand how the market works.


      Whether first time buying, downsizing, moving, upgrading, or any other reason, selling property is a large and consequential decision that cannot be taken lightly. HKS will consult with you on your personal needs and outline the process of selling. We will work hard to understand your financial needs, your time frame, your community and your particular requirements of the sale. No two home sales are ever the same, and we will customize your sale to fit the requirements we identify in your personal consultation.

      Once you agree to list your property with HKS Associates we will engage our real estate specialists to work for you and maximize the revenue from the sale of the property. Since real estate is bought and sold in a market, and markets change at a fast rate, we will evaluate the market for your home with you. We will help you understand what dynamics are at work in the market and use our expertise in southern NH to identify how your property will be evaluated by potential buyers.


      Understanding the market is vital to making decisions on selling property. These decisions include developing marketing strategies that identify a unique selling proposition for your property, what other properties are on the market or what is your competition, what are the prevailing price considerations, what has sold, average time on the market and what properties have not sold and are off the market.

      Accurate and up-to-date information is vital to a selling strategy, and HKS Associates have up-to-the-minute information gathered by research specialists about the market for your property. They will provide you with reports that keep you abreast of market developments and help you and HKS develop a marketing plan for your property.


      One of the most important aspects of a marketing plan for your home is price. The research you and HKS Associates applied to your property was a good first step in determining price. Real Estate professionals use a Comparative Market Analysis (CMA) to assess a home’s market value. A well executed CMA provides information that assists in the home value determination. The CMA will provide Comparable Property information (A Comp) that evaluates your property against others and includes:

      Sales closed within the last 3 – 6 months

      • Properties currently under agreement
      • Active listings
      • Neighborhood
      • Age of property
      • Conditions of property
      • Features of the property

      Ultimately the asking price decision is the seller’s. However the expertise of HKS Associates can help a seller make this decision. Buyers tend to make decisions by comparison. 78% of all buyers will view property that is at or under fair market value. HKS Associates are qualified to assess your homes current market value, and they will help balance market realities with your emotional expectations of the sale.

      The right price attracts buyers, reduces marketing time, provides potential for multiple offers and helps transaction dates and mortgage contingencies move smoothly. HKS Associates will also provide regular feedback and market information that may call for a revision of the asking price.


      Advances in technology, competition and the recent upheaval in the real estate market have innovated the way homes are marketed. A comprehensive marketing plan delivers information about available homes the way consumers learn about the marketplace, and a variety innovative and traditional elements should be used to market the home. HKS Associates utilizes a variety of these elements to maximize your sales exposure in the marketplace.

      When homeowners list with HKS their properties are entered into an online database of all available properties called the Multiple Listing Service or MLS. MLS data reaches consumers around the world. The effectiveness of online marketing is a function of how much exposure a property receives. It is also a function of how effective the exposure appears. When you list with HKS you will also be listed on the HKS web page adding to your online exposure.

      In order to maximize your exposure an HKS agent will help you identify your home’s unique selling points. They will identify these characteristics in writing and support them with photographs of your property for placement in these online real estate services. Potential buyers can then view your property anytime they wish.

      In an effort to maximize the appeal of your home HKS Associates suggests that you consult with your agent how to showcase your property. A complete list of considerations for the interior, exterior and overall “curb appeal” of your home can be obtained from your HKS expert.

      Another important part of the marketing effort could be considered a history of the property. As a homeowner only you have access to evidence that you have improved the property, made repairs or otherwise made efforts to increase the value of the property. Any documentation that would verify the home’s value should be collected and placed in a central file. The documents would include:

      • Property tax information
      • Maintenance and improvement records
      • Warranties on any assets in the home
      • Inventories of assets left on property such as fire wood, fixtures, etc.

      A listing with an HKS agent means that you have access to a very large database of brokers and agents throughout southern NH. Our years of experience in the area mean that traditional marketing activities like networking and presentations at local real estate events provide you with an additional means of quality exposure of your property for sale.


      Offers will be presented to the seller by the listing agent in writing signed and dated by the buyer. The offer will include a deposit of earnest money that ensures the buyer is serious about the purchase. Your HKS agent will review all terms of the offer with you; sellers are under no obligation to accept an offer, even if it exceeds the asking price. At this point the seller may elect to accept the offer as proposed or reject the offer and return the deposit.

      If you decide to counter offer negotiations will continue until all terms of the transaction are agreed upon, or, because the offer was originally rejected, either party may withdraw from negotiations and the deposit can be returned. Your HKS agent represents the seller and is obligated to negotiate in the best interest of the seller. To this end HKS will evaluate all market indicators and advise you on the best possible counter offer.

      Once an offer is accepted the home inspection process begins. Additional negotiations may follow an inspection if the inspection determines there are unanticipated repairs, issues or other factors which could change the offer. Since the inspection findings could change the terms of the offer, the seller has the right to refuse any change requests.


      All parties will be represented at the closing for a final review and signing of the papers transferring ownership of the property. Your HKS agent will have you completely advised as to what to expect during this meeting, and all interested parties will also be advised as the details of the transaction.


      For more information on selling a home in Keene NH or another town in southern New Hampshire, contact HKS Associates.  We are always happy to answer your questions!