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Dear Anna

Thank you for your thoughtfulness in sending your 2011 calendar and note.

It is easy to see why HKS is so successful in your thoughtfulness and dedication to the business. As you know I’ve known a lot of Realtors-few have your professionalism.

All the very best to you in 2011 and please remember me to your mother. Ron

P.S. Anna I gave up my license last year, 38 years seemed like about long enough- I served my time!!! Ron

P.S.S. Coin business is a lot of fun!!!



To the best and most patient Realtor in Southern NH

Thanks for everything!!

Doug & Danielle




I don’t know exactly when the convention is, but you said October.

So: Congratulations! Relish your moment in the spotlight. And have fun.

Yours Win

(and thanks for the compliment)



Mementos to share with your family and friends. 

Again Congratulations!

Betty Lalla


We cannot thank you enough for working with us during this very long, frustrating process. We have a happy ending because you did not give up! I hope to see you lots when we get our horses up here! There is a gift card for you at the Cheshire Horse front desk!

Joe & Ale



The holiday season gives us the opportunity to extend our personal thanks to our clients and friends, and to offer our best wishes for 2015. It is also a time to pause and think of those in our communities who are less fortunate. Tower, Crocker & Smith P>A> , has made a contribution to The New Hampshire Food Bank which helps to feed our hungry neighbors by distributing millions of pounds of food to over 400 member agencies in New Hampshire. It is an honor to support such a worthwhile cause.

Thanks again and best wishes for a wonderful year.

Tower, Crocker & Smith, P<A>



Dear Sir or Madam,

The broker for the sale of my land in Hollis, NH was Karl Zahn in Milford. I was amazed and pleased to find out how capable he was. Not only did he review all relevant documents consisting of deeds surveys, and values of similar sales of other properties, he also took it upon himself to visit the property to check boundaries and other features of the property. He found a few minor discrepancies which were resolved to the satisfaction of all concerned parties. He found a buyer and kept me informed frequently by phone or email on the progress being made right up to the closing. Things could not have been done better.

John A. Moody


Hi anna,

It was a pleasure working with you in the 117 Scott Pond Road transaction. You are a true professional and it shows. I look forward to working with you again.

Have a great day! 



Thank you for all your help with Preston and Ice Paint town card- Please buy coffee for the office or take a break while you are traveling!  Thanks Peggy



Thank you so much for hanging in there with us!

Jim & Barbara Hagg


Dear Anna,

I just wanted to take a minute and drop you a note to thank you for referring Robert Pedone to us. We were able to write a great policy for him.

Take care,

Karen M Osgood, on behalf of all of us at 

Frank Massin Agency 2009



Dear Anna, Gail, Paul, Lisa and Joanne

A big Thank you to all of you for hosting an enjoyable and wonderful Business After Hours. It was great fun and I enjoyed the opportunity to catch up with many people I haven’t seen in a long while. Thank you again so much


Jeff C


Dear Anna

Thank you! Thank you for just being our friend and getting us through this. We really appreciate that we could be ourselves with you and good and bad, calm and frustrated. You just went with it and kept us going. It was such a better process having you go through it with us. I loved that we could simply be real with each other, it made it such a better process. Thank you for being our friend and for walking us through the sale and onto our new phase in Pennsylvania. We cannot wait for you and Jim to visit us!!

Thank you with love and really big hug!!

Lorraine & Daryl


Dear Anna,

It was a very trying sale and I’m sure it probably would have fallen apart, if not for your efforts. Thanks for all your help.

Rick & Susan Moltzan



Please accept our outmost shining complements to your company’s recent performance.

Let me explain. Our family is going through some very tough decisions of selling the camp in Fitzwilliam as my Dad is in need of cash for his health care. The family appointed me to research a quick valuation and sale. 

I had the pleasure of calling on one of your finest, Anna Schierioth. Er ability to assess the situation put a comprehensive list of tasks needed to be completed and referencing valued people in the community to “Get the job done right and fast” was incredible. Within 1 Month she had the place completely turned around. 

She did the necessary comparables, reviewed it with us so we could fairly depict the situation to the entire family for review. She was extremely knowledgeable and an absolute pleasure to work with. Anna is the best realtor I have ever worked with in both my professional and personal life. She is an expert in her field. Her compassion and ability to size the situation up and act on it quickly so it is the best for her client-that is true customer service with levels we never see anymore. 

Anna was a breath of fresh air in a situation that was gloomy at best for our family.

The situation has enlightened us such that we will do everything in our powers to infuse cash to Dad’s care, while keeping a treasured memory with us in the camp.

Anna lost the opportunity for an immediate sale, but she has gained for herself and your organization a reference that will permeate the region with accolades and exuberance.

Thank you for the experience to work with such a quality organization that shows much more than just a realtor in the region.

Kind regards

Robyn Bates

President, West Lake Consulting, Inc

Dear Anna,

I’m so grateful for your aid in contesting my home assessment. The appraiser in his letter to the selectmen referred to your recommendations.

Your mother tells me you are not wild about chocolates, but your husband is.




Thank you Anna for helping us find the perfect home, all your hard work, and most importantly your patience! We appreciate all you did for us.

Stop by if you’re ever in the neighborhood visiting my new neighbor across the street!

Andrea & Mike



Dear Linda,

Thinking of you and remembering your kindness.

How are you? I’ve been in India 6 months and now just taking a break to scuba dive for a week in the Maldives between Africa & India in the Indian Ocean. We have seen shark and barracuda. This is the first place I’ve been that is as pretty as the promo brochures show.

Love Raydene



Dear Anna,

On behalf of the Jaffrey-Rindge Rotary Club I sincerely thank you again for your generous sponsorship of $250 for our first annual New Year’s Eve Gala held at Hidden Hills in Rindge, NH. Over 200 people joined with the club to celebrate and raise money for a new ball field at the proposed community center in Jaffrey.

The goal for the event was to raise $15,000 and thanks to the generous support of many businesses and individuals in the Jaffrey-Rindge area, I am pleased to report that we met our goal. Construction of the field is planned to begin soon,

The Jaffrey-Rindge Rotary Club was chartered on February 24, 2003 and meets Thursday mornings at 7:30 at Franklin Pierce College. We are always pleased to welcome new members.

Thank you again for your sponsorship of this important project. For recognition purposes at the ball field, your name will be listed as HKS Associates, Inc. as a 2nd base Sponsor. If this nis not correct, or if you have any questions, please contact Sadie Jackson, Fundraising Chair, at 532-6254.


Mike Shea,

 President, Jaffrey Rindge Rotary Club


Dear Anna

Sorry, this took so long to send-it’s been a crazy month. I wanted to Thank you so much for helping me find the perfect house. I know I wasn’t the most profitable or easiest client you’ve ever had to deal with. I appreciate your attention and efforts.

Many thanks to you, Joanne and your Mom!

  1. Wirein



Dear Anna

Thank you for your generous support of the Second Annual Peterborough area Men Who Cook on Sunday April 30, 2006 and the Monadnock Midsummer Gala on July 29,2006 both to benefit Monadnock Family Services.

Your contribution of $250.00 is a restricted gift that will be used solely to help underwrite the expenses of this fundraising events. HKS Associates, Inc will be recognized in the programs at each event as well as in a thank you ad in the Keene Sentinel and Monadnock Ledger after the Men Who Cook event.

Thank you for your help and generosity, Your support allows us to focus on our mission of helping area children and families get healthy and stay healthy.


Ellen D Smith


Dear Anna,

Thank you for helping to make the Second Monadnock Family Services Peterborough Men Who Cook a wonderful success. Your corporate support helped cover the cost of many of the incidentals like rental of the space, chafing dishes and paper cups—the essentials that are needed to make such an event a success.

We had a total of over 70 local men share their culinary delights and over 250 people attended. The food was excellent, with dishes raging from Chili and Fajitia soup to Panko Crusted Chicken and Grilled Pork Loin; then to be topped off with such desserts as Tapioca Pudding, Cheese Cake, Apple Crisp and Tres Leches. Everyone had a great time and left full!

Monadnock Family Services mission is to provide mental health services to all who need them in the Monadnock Region. This includes prevention and early intervention programs, home-based family supports, outpatient counseling and intensive community support services for those with severe and persistent mental illnesses-and much in between.

It is through community support in its many facets that Monadnock Family Services is able to provide mental health services to all residents of the Monadnock region. Your assistance in Men Who Cooked helped raise close to $5500 to support the programs and services of MFS. But more importantly, you helped increase social capital in the region, build community connections and provide individuals an opportunity to get together over great food. As in early 1700’s when communities were being built, it was the church suppers, the dinners at the Grange or the barn raising that brough families together to help build connections and community. Men Who Cook is our modern day equivalent. Thanks for helping to make it such a great success.

I have enclosed a copy of the newspaper thank you ad as well as the menu for your information and to whet your palate for next year. Again thank you for the support.


Ellen D Smith

Development Office




I would like to add my thanks to Jeff’s appreciation. Your generosity is heartwarming. 

Monadnock Family Services, serves this community extraordinarily well through donations like yours.

Thank you


Sue Chollet

Thank you so much, Anna. It is a worthy cause and much appreciated.

Best regards




Anna & Jim

Thanks so much for stopping by at the “open Cottage” event and for the gift certificate, It will absolutely come in handy very shortly, We picked up the wood today and that should help keep the chill off until summer! Please feel free to stop up anytime and check out the progress. Slow and steady is our motto..

Best Amy


Thank you for your generous support in 2005! We wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy healthy New Year! We greatly appreciate all you do for Saint Patrick School.

The Saint Patrick School Golf Committee


Dear Anna

On August 3,2005 the First Church in Jaffrey held its 89th annual fair. In case you missed the press releases, thank you letters and the photo on the front page (in the Peterborough Transcript) it was a huge success. I wanted to say thank you for the contribution you made to help offset the costs of putting together the children’s games. It cost us a little over $450 dollars to build the games, buy prizes, and rent the dunk tank (it was not donated by Antrim Fire Department). Thanks to the kindness and generosity of local businesses like you, expenses were totally covered, allowing us to new all the money we took in the day of the fair, the fair is such a wonderful community event. Thank you for being a part of it and helping us to provide so much fun while raising money for the worthy causes the fair funds support each year. 


Toni Gildone



Hi Anna

I understand that you are the HKS office manager in charge of managing HKS client referrals.

Below is my unsolicited referral to Gail from all of her efforts in my 2 separate transactions which she has been involved with. I also published the same text on LinkedIn as well which you can see on my profile page

Hope this helps! And happy holidays

“I worded with Gail on 2 separate property transactions (the 2nd was due to her awesome work during my initial work with her).

During both experiences, I was amazed by Gail

She is dedication to helping her clients, her excellent follow-through, and consistent communication. In addition, she always went over and above the call of duty in helping market the property and work the deal through to closing.

I could not think of a realtor who I could more heartily recommend than Gail. If you are looking for a property in the regional location that she covers, you owe it to yourself to contract Gail as your real estate professional. You will be as happy with her work as I have been. My best Christian Phillips, Nashua NH



Dear Anna & Elaine,

Thank you so much for meeting with me today. The more I think about it, the more I know I’d like to work there (consistently). Your knowledge and the success of HKS are inspiring, making the comfortable and open atmosphere just very nice pluses. Thank you! 


Mary Belle Isle


We met Lisa through her husband a few years ago. Being a business for ourselves, we have met many realtors over the years. When my husband and I decided to sell our house, we knew Lisa was the realtor that we wanted to use. She is very intelligent, motivated and knowledgeable in the market. She worked for what was in your best interest.

Lisa did a complete market analysis so that we could price the house appropriately, She helped us stage the house so that it would look its best for sellers. The house was on the market for less than 30 days and we had our 1st offer!

We recommend Lisa to anyone who asks us about a Realtor and if we were to ever to buy or sell again, we would definitely go through Lisa again.


Doug & Monica Maillet

Maillet’s Water Works

Milford NH





Thank You Notes Continued

Postmark  12/29/2020


Thank you so much for the beautiful poinsettias, and that great ornament. What a nice surprise!! Please feel free to stop by anytime and check out our progress! 

Many Thanks

Kerry, Brandon & Elijah


Postmark 3/08/2003

Dear Joanne!

I apologize for being so late with a thank you. Through the moving I misplaced your card, I came across it this week, better late than never. My husband and I appreciated very much all the time you spent helping us. I guess it was not meant to be. We never bought another house, we just moved up here. We got a lot of work to do since it is a small house but we’re happy we only have one house. Thanks again

Jack & Carmen Bishop

Moultonboro NH  originally Southboro Ma.



Just wanted to say thank you for everything.

Jim & Barbara Hagg



Thanks for making “the sale” happen. Past few weeks were hectic but a good conclusion. Keep me in mind if a suitable place shows up. Not sure just what I’ll do long term!!!

Thanks again-Esther



Dear Anna, Gail, Joanne:

What a fantastic surprise to be the grand winner!! Hope I can share more of the wealth with a co-broker commission. Best wishes for two speedy sales.

Many Thanks Lawrie Barr



Dear Mr. & Mrs. Schierioth,

We are writing this letter regarding Gail Therriault who works out of your Jaffrey NH office. Since September 1999, Gail has worked diligently helping my husband John and I acquire a vacation home in Jaffrey NH. Gail was the most professional real estate agent we have ever worked with.

Through no fault of Gail’s our deal finally fell through this past weekend. Tail worked closely with the seller and us, always keeping us informed as to what was going on. This was a complicated deal, it seemed that everywhere we turned something unexpected happened. Through all of it, Gail kept the lines of communication open, often calling us evenings and weekends with the latest twist or turn. She went above and beyond the call of duty from working with our bank and assisting our potential mortgage holder to freeze our rate for over six months when rates were going up to driving me around Jaffrey to various city departments to help find answers to questions we had. Whatever we asked of her in terms of going through the house, bringing in contractors to check out various issues or just answering our 1001 questions, she was there. She was the agent for the seller but made us feel like she had our best interests at heart also. 

Even though this house was not meant to be, we are anxious to work with her again to try to find our vacation home. Gail is already on the case, and we know that she’ll leave no stone unturned. We just wanted you know as we are sure you are aware already, what a high caliber of real estate agent and human being Gail is. We look forward to working closely with your office in the near future, and please: let Gail know that it’s ok to take a day off once and awhile!


Kathy and John Gubernat



Anna or Joanne,

Please have 100.00 worth of fuel oil put in our new house on or about March 15th. We will not be leaving Florida until the 22nd and want to avoid freezing problems until we arrive. Would you also ask the Wierens to put the thermostats no higher than 50 when they finally move out.

Finally, Elaine Gallagher has permission to pick up one set of keys to the house. We’ll try to be by on the 24th Friday to pick up any other sets you still have.

It has been a pleasure dealing with you folks; everything went remarkably smoothly. Might even buy another house in the future.

Thanks for all your help and consideration Robert & Susan Cutchin



Please forgive the delay in responding to your thoughtful gift. We’re just now figuring which end is up. Thanks so much. The basket of snacks arrived the afternoon after we did and after working many hours the excuse for a break was very much appreciated. It was all great! Also it was such a pleasure working with you. You are so organized and patient. You have our highest recommendation.

Again thank you for everything

Susan & Kevin


Dear Anna 

Thank you for all your help. Only with your professional, considerate efforts have we found the home we wanted. Best of luck with your future endeavors. If you ever need a recommendation feel free to call on us!

The Neelds  (Ophelia, Tim & Elliot)


We are so very grateful for your recent donation of hats and mittens for our Food Pantry clients. Just in time for snow! It was so thoughtful of you to organize and donate.

Sincerely, Kathleen Caden  Jaffrey Pantry



Dear Anna

A warm thank you for the lovely knitted items your agency collected and distributed to our Rindge Food Pantry. The items were a big hit and were taken with much appreciation. I thank you for thinking of our neighbors and us this holiday season.

Happy Holidays

Rindge Food Pantry


Tuesday April 10


Thank you so much for the opportunity to share info with your sales team this morning! We are all here to help.

Happy Spring  Kathy Malloy


Dear Anna,

Thanks to your support this year, the 28th Annual Walk for Animals exceeded last year’s walk. Your participation as a Best Friend Sponsor made it possible for us to cover all expenses and services. Our Walkers were so excited to know that 100% of the money they raised will go directly to support our care of homeless animals. Thank you so much for donating $500 for the Walk.

It was a beautiful summer day-warm and sunny, with no sign of rain! This year, the Swanzey Oxen took a break and instead we honored the service dogs of our community and their people. Officer Josh English and K-9 Patriot lead the parade, followed by MHS Therapy Pet Teams, a New England Search and Rescue team, and a seeing-eye team. Also new this year we had a wonderful group of dog trainers give a demo and show before the event began. Beth Pelton of Eight Cattails Imagery partnered with Dara’s Paw Spaw for Summer Fun Pet Portraits.

After the Walk, participants enjoyed exploring vendors booths while waiting to discover if they had won raffle prizes, or if they were the top fundraiser. CJ the DJ kept everyone in good spirits with lively banter and good music while providing recognition to out sponsors. Win or not, everyone who particiapated was thrilled to leave with a sway-bag filled with great goodies. 

A team of over 70 enthusiastic volunteers donated their time and energy to make The Walk for Animals successful. And was it ever successful! We raised over $41,000 through business sponsorships and donations collected by Walkers. If we consider the value of services and items donated, we easily exceeded that number. These donations will allow Monadnock Humane Society to provide for the well-being of homeless animals and to provide resources to the people who love them. 

We couldn’t have done it without you! Your participation and generosity fueled the spirit that made the 2016 Walk for Animals such a fun and fabulous success. We’re already planning ways to make it even better next year.. I hope you will join us in that effort. May your kindness come back to you many times throughout the year!

Sincerely Carol Laughner, Chair

Anna Thank you so much for supporting the walk so generously! It was wonderful to have HKS be a sponsor this year!



Dear Anna, 

Thank you so much for your generous donation of $%00.00 for a sponsorship for Monadnock Humane Society’s 28th Annual Walk for Animals. The Walk is our largest and most community-orientated fundraising event of the year. Your support is vital to more than 1,400 homeless animals who come through our doors each year and to the MHS programs offered throughout the year to help community members maintain happy relationships with their pets. 

Your support means that the community has a resource for caring for their pets. And it means that countless animals this year will get a second or even a third chance at happiness. We are proud of our partnership with you which makes these programs possible. 

Thank you for your generous donation and for being part of this annual event to benefit the animals. We hope you will continue to walk with us to the place where no animal is hungry, no animal is could and no animal is left behind. 

Sincerely Carol Laughner,  Director of Marketing and Development

We are so excited to have the support of HKS this year! We’ll save a few tee shirts for you!

Thank you so much!




Dear Friends,

You made it Possible!

The 10th Annual Walk-a-Mile in Her Shoes; The International Men’s March to End Rape, Sexual Assault and Gender Violence (WAM) on April 16,2016 in collaboration with Keene State College was a huge success! We had 500+ walkers this year and raised $40,000 because of YOU! We asked you to take a stand against sexual violence by donating-and you did! Thank you for taking steps to end sexual violence in our community. We hope you join us next year on April 22, 2017 and help us make the event even more successful!

Your $100 donation to WAM helps MCVP continue to act on the simple yet powerful belief that everyone in the community deserves to feel safe and needs to play a role in preventing violence. Your efforts sustain our prevention programs and our free and confidential services that assist our community members in their transformation from victim to survivor.

Your support makes it possible for MCVP to serve those in need and educate the whole community. On behalf of MCVP’s Board of Directors, Staff and Volunteers,

Thank you!!! 

My best, Robin Christopherson  Executive Director  [email protected]




Zdravka and myself would like to thank you for all the hard work and diligence you had in selling our home. I know it is difficult, but we greatly appreciate how professional and courteous you have been throughout the whole process. If I had any other homes in Keene area to sell, you will be definitely the first I would call, and I will highly recommend you to anyone that asks. 

I have enclosed the check for $80 to Melissa Kress along with a gift. Again, thank you for all the hard work, it was appreciated

Sincerely, Andrew Remskar




We love our bookmarks and more importantly our patrons love their bookmarks. Thank you for making them possible! All our best, 

Catherine Calligan 

Director Gay-Kimball Library



Our patrons love setting there bookmarks! And we love to give them out.  Thank you for mailing it possible to have such an informative resource for our patrons.

Cathering Callegain

Library Director


Thank you for all the work you did for Jessica and Ben you were great Thank you 

Wes & Darlene & Tam


Thank you for all your help. Sincerely, Benjamin & Jessica



HKS Realty

Dear Owner and Staff.

 Most people only take time to contact your office when they have a complaint; but this note is to say Thank-you! Especially to Gail who helped us find our camp.

I told my husband I wanted a “Camp-camp” with certain requirements. We kept going back to Woodbrook and driving around the area. Since we only had a week here in NH Gail was great to adjust her schedule and show us the units for sale in thee. From the first time we met her, she was very informative and knew her job. She even accommodated the seller with his special set of circumstances. Her list of contact people was most helpful to us since we were not familiar with the area. We can’t thank her enough for making our transfer trouble free. Her professionalism shows thru. Your office is lucky to have her. After the sale, she stopped by to drop off a phone book my husband requested. That’s attention to details!

Many, Many thanks,

Mr & Mrs. David MacCaullen





Your “special day” was when we finally closed on the property. Thanks for your help and inexhaustible patience with this never ending real estate adventure.

Earl & Jean Scott


Postmarked 1/25/2016


You are full of surprises! First you show up at my door without notice & completely unexpected! Then, you show up once again. Also, unexpected & without notice. Then-you hand to me a most lovely gift-the newspaper photo of my granddaughter; plus, a lovely frame! You are amazing!! Thank you so much-three times over!

Each time I look at Sara, I chuckle-thinking of you. I guess I will think of you often, which is okay with me.  I like to chuckle and I like the idea of associating you with that chuckle-and I shall send a hearty Mucho Gracias your way each time. 

So Thank you! See you the next time you come north. We’ll go for coffee or dinner!

Nan Bigelow


To Anna,

How do I express the gratitude for everything you have done for us? The last six months have been so extraordinary and there seems no sincere way to Thank you. You have been with us daily through a journey that seemed never ending.

I want to thank you for being such a professional. You showed us house upon house. You have certainly earned your commission on this one!!!

You have been a constant in our lives for the last six months. It feels strange to erase your name from my contact list. I want to keep you in our lives somehow. Thank you for being so knowledgeable on real estate. Thank you for seeing how emotional this journey has been for us. Thank you for understanding when we seemed unsure. I can’t count the number of times you expressed how hard it would be to sell your own home and that made me feel normal.

Every time I called; I knew your return call would be minutes away. Every question I asked you, I knew you would answer without me feeling stupid. You have been such an enormous asset to our lives.

Thank you for making moving to a new home after 20 years as painless as it could possibly be.


Nancy and Mike



Dear Anna, Elaine and Chris

Where do I begin? I am in Bill’s room in Hackensack University Medical Ctr. He has been in this hospital since Jan. 29th. Don’t even know if we have told you this. We can see NYC skyline out of his window. He started hallucinating on Tuesday  and Thursday I was terrified. All of his doctors have differing opinions as to the cause, but today (Sunday) he is so much better and seems to be back to his wonderful self, just exhausted. Sleep deprivation was one cause that came up. My real reason for this note is to try to begin to say Thank you for all you have done for us and continue to do. If I said “Thank you a thousand times a day for the rest of my life it would not even come close to being enough. Please know how much we are indebted to you and appreciate what you have done and are doing. I can’t wait for Bill and I to come home to NH and (MOM) and finally get to start our new life together there. We miss it terribly. 

Much Thanks & love

Susan & Bill



Thank you for sponsoring the bookmarks for the Gay-Kimball library. They are quite popular.


Library Board of Trustees



Dear Elaine,

This is it! Look all over the country. It’s been fun. Plan to return the Ides of March. Hope all is well with everyone. Best to you BK


Dear anna,

Thank you for sending information regarding the Keene farm properties, especially the Baker St farm which looked interesting to me. Things are pointing toward Belfast Me for us right now so I am no longer planning a trip, but I will certainly contact you if we ever need to look toward Keene in the future.  Thank you for your work and your friendly and welcoming presence. I wish you the best for your business and your happiness. 


Sarah Wilcox-Hughes


Thank you, dear heart, for your help. You always come through and I am incredibly grateful when you come to California next, bring your passport and we’ll go to Puerto Vallarta, and Acapulco! Olé! 

Xoxo Pauline

P.S. Let me know any expenses incurred during clean out(dumpster, etc, hired help) and I’ll send a check.



Thank you for helping us get to the closing table. It was a pleasure working with you.



Dear Richard,

Just want to say Thanks so much for all your work in selling our house, We appreciate all you did too. So happy everything closed before winter set in. thanks again Merry Christmas.


Allen, Marcia Robinson

Say Hi to your wife Richard too.



Dear Anna,

I happened to read the Keene Chamber newsletter and see you have a new picture. Very nice-no one would look at that and think you are a Grandmother.

Hope all is well, Richard.


HKS Associates,

Dear Office Staff

Thank you for hosting a “warm” drive for the needs of the community. Your thoughtfulness in sharing with the Rindge Food Pantry is so appreciated.

Rindge Food Pantry



Dear Joanne,

Thank you very much for the help with this, while I was on vacation.

Bill Michard



Your extra effort is greatly appreciated! Thank you

David Gale



Good Morning Lisa, I don’t know who your broker/owner is, but can please share this email with that person. From the beginning we knew this buyer and her broker were going to be a challenge to work with. However, you stayed focused and monitored all the details to make sure we eventually got to the closing. I have worked with many realtors throughout the country, and I know there are very few agents that would have been able to do such a thorough and an outstanding job as you did for Kevin and his wife. You are a true professional and very committed to serving your client. If we get another listing or buyer in your area, we will definitely be contacting you for your assistance and direction. Have a great and healthy New Year!

Again, thank you very much.

Best Regards, Nick

Nick Casiello

Chief Executive Officer

Thank You Notes